How I healed burning sensations in my stomach, lower back, genitals and upper legs

How I healed burning sensations in my stomach, lower back, genitals and upper legs

Are you dealing with unpleasant heat in the body? Is the burning sensation getting stronger? Does it seems as though nothing stops those sensations? And you just cannot understand where does it come from and why it happens. Here is the first the most important message about the heat in the body that you need to know.

Burning sensations in body are pointers of unresolved emotional hurt within you. The heat is the body messenger telling you that emotional hurt has stuck and needs your awareness. Or we can say, you have become stuck in some deep emotional suffering. Imagine that within is anger (powerless energy), trying to merge it. But on some level it is suppressed on unconscious part of self. Now, if the anger cannot be felt and expressed, it becomes stuck. It still lives in your body. So, it continuously lives there. If you do not feel it, your body definitely feels it. So, you start to feel as burning sensation. The burning sensations in your body is the alarm of your body telling you to go deeper to come to that anger with your awareness. Then, the anger that boils in you (heat in the body) can heal. When you heal the emotional hurt in you, the heat dissolves itself. Because it was the consequence of stuck emotional hurt in you.

Below is my sisters story how she struggle with heat in the body:

Of all the diseases that I had experienced, this lasted the longest time. It was very tricky to find the cause of it, even though my sister Suzana has already experience it a few years before.

It all started with innocent heat in my stomach area while I was working in the office. At that time, feelings of gentle heat in my stomach area began. As if my stomach was lightly burning from the inside out. The heat appeared occasionally. It was not regular or predictable in the beginning. But it has arisen to the surface almost every time I was working in the office – sitting on the chair. This heat in my stomach was not known to me. I didn’t understand it at that time.

Burning ball within my body

When my outer solutions didn’t work, I became very worried. Fears about the possible side effects of this heat in my body were running through my mind. My thoughts were negative and fearful. They were telling me that I will get sick. Because my fears were growing, so did the heat. It got worse and wilder. The heat intensified to burning sensations in my body. It felt like as though I was living with a burning ball in my body. It became unbearable and unpleasant through the whole day. When I came from work, the heat spread to the level where I could not focus on anything else but just on those burning sensations. The intensity of burning sensation was so strong, that all I could do was to lay down.

I was more looking forward to go to sleep than to wake up. While I was sleeping, I did not feel those sensations. I was able to sleep normally. But as soon as I woke up, the heat awakened and increased through the day. Evenings were the worst, because I was already really tired from those sensations.

The right solution

I started to meditate with the company of my sister in the room, lights on and with silent music. And for the first time, after a lot of months with those constant burning sensations in my body, I felt amazing. My stomach felt relaxed and heat in the body has finally subsided for few hours. This was for me more than I could ask for. I immediately recognized the right solution. I was feeling happy and excited. Also I was looking forward to the next day, next meditation.

My burning sensations did not stop that day. It was a gradual healing process that demanded from me dedication, inner healing and expansion of my awareness.  Now I do not have any burning sensations in my body anymore.

On my inner healing process I used two important and basic healing tools:

1. Healing meditation in the evening and

through out the day 2. Practical exercise: Expanding of my consciousness.

Sometimes during meditation, the heat was still strong, so I could barely finish with meditating. Strong sensations sometimes arose with its full power, then they subside fully and gradually heals forever.

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