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Suzana’s golden message to your audience is:

Each human being has its own healing power that can heal his/her illnesses, suffering, struggles, body and life. That healing power lies within us and it can awaken with our own focus, will and attention.

So, teaching that she shares around the world consist tools which personalize this message.


Teaching and workshops consist following



Suzana focus firstly on basics

– What is inner healing power;

– How our inner healing power “works”;

– Ways to free yourself from suffering and diseases in this moment;

– How healing ourselves works, flows, reveals and express etc;



Suzana reveals 5 golden and healing tools

– Deeper explanation of 5 healing tools which your audience needs to implement in every day life;

– How and when to use healing tools;

– Important suggestions and rich personal experiences;



Practical teaching

– Each healing tool consist several exercises so that your audience can conquer practice and implement it in every day life; Here is also Suzana’s main teaching focus;

-Your audience receives practical exercises with step by step guidance;

– Suzana’s shares her rich personal experiences on dealing with struggles before and through the healing process;



Questions and answers

– Your audience will be able to ask further and personal questions;

-Suzana’s answers;


Suzana’s purpose for your audience


– To feel and experience their inner healing power on the day of this workshop;

– Learn how to use their inner healing power;

– Get the answers on their questions;

– Discovering of inner healing power lying within them;

– Realizing what is the message of illnesses;

– Become aware of 5 golden tools for healing of their health issues, struggles, body and life;

– Awaken from the current state of suffering and step into the powerful process of healing;

– Receive all the exercises and practices that are necessary for powerful healing;


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Language of teachings: English or Slovenian.



Other possible topics to choose from

/ for your audience


  • Fears, any fear and how to heal them;
  • Specific disease healing (Example:Cancer healing);
  • Unbalance relationships;
  • Chakras and the process of healing through “Opening and balancing chakras”;
  • Emotional unbalance and the power of your emotions;
  • Thoughts and changing your thoughts;
  • Patterns, how to dissolve them;
  • Awakening through the diseases;
  • Physical pains before and through the process of healing;
  • Healing and approach to addictions(food, sex, drugs,…);
  • Traumatic past experiences;
  • Loneliness;
  • Stronger healing through meditations and the basics about meditation;
  • Your suggestion…

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