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It's almost four years since I first came into contact with astrology. In a way that I began to study it in my very difficult moments. I wanted to find a way out and answers how to become happy. And hope that astrology will offer me the exit. I started listening to the world famous astrologers. Their way of presenting planets and other details from astrology encouraged me to learn more about my personal astrological chart. Since I did not have the money to get in touch with astrologers, I decided to start studying astrology by myself.

And what astounded me most in astrology is the discovery how astrology can help us to go through difficulties. And understand those difficulties, why we struggle with something and where the cause exactly lies. Also we can discover our gifts, reveal our purpose, go beyond our own limits, and highlight the extraordinary abilities that are in us.

During the study and reading of various astrological charts, a desire, a passion for solving problems to others - even to you - was born into me. I realized that solving problems that we face in our lives is very natural to me. The more you describe the problem, the easier it is to solve it with the help of astrology, and I also find a solution for it. So you are invited to describe your problem, which I help you understand and resolve through your personal astrological chart.

Suzana Trnovsek


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Write to Suzana your personal problem that you are struggling in a detailed way. Write it the way you experience and feel it. The more you are detailed, easier can Suzana help you. She invites you to open up to her.


When reading your astrological chart, I do not focus on predicting the future, because life is being created through us, at this moment and not in the future.

The purpose of reading is to help you in the way that helped me and my sister Karmen.


When I read an astrological personal chart, I focus on the specific issues that an individual faces. Through reading of  many personal astrological charts, I realized that when you share with me your specific problems, you awaken in me the most powerful energy, the best channeling and guidance. When it comes to specifics, in me awakens an extremely powerful energy and important information / tips that can trigger an exceptional change in the individual. I love to explore the details, problems thought which best solutions comes through me.

Specific problems in reading the astrological chart may refer to any area of ​​your life, whether it be relationships, partnership, family, illness, parents, intimacy, abuse, mental problems ... etc. In short, anything. There are no limits and rules when it come to type of problem. The most important thing is to open up to me and describe your problem in detail. I am going to look at your astrological chart along with your personal problem, and reading with guidance begins.

I'm here to help you the way it help us. So kindly invited to receive help through astrological reading of your personal astrology chart.

Suzana Trnovsek



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