Abuse session can be connected to any kind of abuse such as:

  • verbal abuse;
  • emotional abuse (also known as psychological or mental abuse);
  • sexual abuse;
  • physical;
  • domestic abuse;
  • stalking;
  • neglect;

Suzana teaches you:

  • how do you start to heal an abusive experience;
  • how do you approach to abuser in a healing and transforming way;
  • which are the exercises and approaches to start to dissolve abuse;
  • how do you approach to your emotions such as fears, shame, unpleasant feelings while and after you are abused;
  • the most powerful approaches to start to step into your own power, strength and ability to be able to face with abuse;
  • exercises in a detailed way to integrate them in your daily life after session finish;
  • how to step into the safe space and become strongly protected;

You will gain also guidance about:

  • your emotions, patterns, reactions, fears etc connected to your abuse;
  • how to talk, behave, act in front of abuser and heal it at the same time;
  • how to prepare yourself before you step in interaction with abuser;
  • what to do to increase healing of abuse while you are not in interaction with abuser;

You will learn and conquer:

  • All the most important steps, exercises, approaches to start with healing an abusive experiences and transform them fully from within and without.

Suzana is open to your questions

Skype live session gives an amazing opportunity to ask additional your most burning questions:

  • Ask personal questions anytime during the session;
  • If your focus wants to be about one question, than session revolves around this question – with answers, guidance, necessary exercises, teaching etc;

One of the greatest freedom is when you heal the abuse from within. It means that not only you are removed and healed from abusive environment, but you become emotionally, mentally and psychically free. This is the greatest gift which also simultaneously reveals your own strengths, gifts and treasures lying within you. That is what we have discovered in healing process of abuse and so will you. Welcome to the private session to break free from abuse.

Karmen and Suzana Trnovsek, Self-healing teachings;

duration time: 60 min                                                       380.38$




*Once you complete a purchase, open an e-mail and click on the link which provide immediate link to the page to choose a preferable time and hour of session with Suzana.