About Suzana Trnovsek:

Suzana Trnovsek is teacher of self-healing who was born in Slovenia. Since her childhood she had experienced many suffering in all areas of her life. Her life was all about constant struggles. At the age of thirty when she lost everything – her apartment, car, friends, partnership, dealing with a lot of health problems, being in debts …there was no other solution to grasp on from the external world to save her anymore … so the awakening with healing began.

Suzana’s awakening led her to her inner world where she began to explore the vastness of our inner aliveness – inner Being. She opened herself to the process of healing her health problems and life. Suzana Trnovsek began to call the process of awakening “Self-healing” where she wants to remind you on your own inner healing power that lies within you and your own ability to heal your life and health problems.

Her painful past experiences became her treasure for teachings. All of Suzana’s teachings is based on her rich personal experiences, life experiences that also had her sister Karmen, higher wisdom that came and still comes through her and some from the other teachers that had impact on her through the books and videos.

Suzana has been struggling in the past with following health and other problems that she healed them through the process of self-healing:

Suzana’s horizons for teaching expanded also through her sister Karmen:

Karmen was also dealing with a lot of health problems. Some of them were very challenging, but all of them have been powerfully cured. Karmen’s past suffering was expressed through following health problems and challenges:

Suzana has been learning about this health issues mentioned above in interaction with her sister Karmen. Exploring different variations of disease that both had, opened her to the portal of higher wisdom »How to heal any kind of health issues or different sufferings in life«. For several illnesses (for example: face paralysis), were told that they won’t be able to heal it. But awakening took them to deeper dimension within their body that is limitless. From this magical state can be cured whatever it seems from the surface place as not possible to be healed to possible.

Suzana and Karmen have been exploring deeper dimensions within their body and at the same time they were healing their bodies and life. Now, they are sharing their rich experiences and teaching around the world through Suzana’s voice. They are sharing and giving the specific, practical and powerful tools/guidance. They searched those tools for many years and now they are spreading them, teaching and helping everyone who wants and needs body/ life healing in an empowered way.