5 basic tools to heal yourself


One of the hardest things in my life was dealing with health problems since I was a little girl. It might not have been so difficult if I would not be alone in searching solutions and learning how to deal with those pains. At that time I felt abandoned, not acknowledged and so deeply lonely. I did not know how to deal with my health problems, I had no one to turn to for help and no one understood me how seriously sick I am.

“What about your parents or doctors?” you might ask. Yes, my parents were part of my life, but they did not understand my health situations or give me attention that I was craving for. They had their own inner wounds and they did the best they knew at that time. Also, doctors were a huge part of my life, challenging me with words such as: “it is not possible to heal or what did you do to yourself”. I got a lot of time from doctors ignoring, judging, being laughed at and feeling like nobody. Their approach to my health problems made me so guilty as though I did something horrible.

It was and it is always about bigger map

I had to experience all of that. Why?

It was my destiny to live in a difficult health situation and experiencing variability of different health problems. It was meant for me to be ignored and surrounded with people who did not believe in healing and/ or ignore me. It also was my destiny to suffer with pains so much, so that the force within me was eager to find the true, powerful remedy. I realized that when we awaken that force, we can heal any kind of disease /illnesses. And that is why I had so many health problems so that I could experience and be the example for you to become aware what truly is possible when it comes to self-healing. I also had to be sick so that I awakened from the mental noise, emotional suffering and finally experience the magic that exist in the state of stillness.

When I found that healing power within my body and when I have connected to it, it shocked me to the core. It shocked me so deeply because I have never imagined, that the remedy is actually within us. I always knew that it exists somewhere, but I was searching it everywhere else, except within me. By finding the entrance to healing power, I stepped in immediately and learned how to awaken this healing power so that the healing could activate, increase and heal my diseases / illnesses. But healing happened not only for my health problems, but also for my other suffering in my life.

That healing power is also called our Inner Being – our true essence – that heals our health problems fully when we connect to it every single day. Then we are free of illnesses, diseases and our suffering.

You are invited

to connect with your healing power within to heal your health problems, body and life.

Now, I am sharing with you 5 basic tools that connect you to your inner healing power which begin to heal your disease / illness. Those are golden and powerful tools – also called tools of Being. With your full attention, dedication and your own will, healing of your health problems with those 5 keys, can become your most amazing self-healing journey. Magic and healthy life are waiting for you. Here is your chance to step on the path where you become aware of your true magnificence. I wish you nothing but the best throughout your healing process and in your life.

5 basic tools

to heal your illness / disease / other suffering


1. Opening yourself to vulnerability

Opening to your vulnerability is crucial tool as you start with self-healing process.

The most important thing with this tool is to learn how to open yourself to vulnerability, how to feel it, how to “use it” in empowered and healing way. It is also important to find out, sense and feel more about your emotions and especially about emotional wounds that can be often ignored, recognized as weak and pushed on the unconscious part. Or, they can be used as being emotionally drained which never activates healing but always manifests as disease / illness.

Vulnerability can look like as a frighten part of ourselves that we do not want to look at or feel. Yes, it can be frightening but only until we learn to use it in the empowered way – conscious way. To help you understand that tool and to use it in right, empowered and healing way, I prepared for you an article.

Read article

2. Meditation

Using meditation on a regular basis – every day.

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools to strongly activate healing power and experiencing continues healing even when you are finished with meditation. Although meditation is powerfully healing tool, it also connect you to that deep, peaceful, joyful and pleasant state within us. Meditation helps you to enter within your body, it helps you to calm your mind (thoughts) and it helps you to experiencing the essence of who you truly are – Your beautiful and true self.

Now, I want to share with you two warnings about using meditation:

  • meditation brings the results but not by you waiting for the results and
  • no matter how challenging life it is, you need to keep meditating on a daily basis;

Meditation always heals un-manifested part within your body that is not seen, sometimes also not felt so it takes time before the illness / disease / other suffering can be healed by itself. But sticking to it by meditating on a regular basis, magic and healing from within and without can then be experienced.

I have created two meditations. First meditation is called (a.) “Awaken your inner healing power” – this was my beginner meditation that taught me how to feel the aliveness, it connected me with my vulnerable part and stillness. The second one is called (b.) “Opening and Balancing chakras”. This one I have created when life lead me to chakras. It happened very spontaneously. So, I intuitively switched from first to second meditation which increased healing and took me even deeper to the unconscious part which created my strongest illnesses and strong suffering. Those meditations are now on my website and you can find out more about them here or below:


Find out more about guided meditations that I have created for you here:

(a.) Awaken your inner healing powerRead more / Buy

If you have never meditated before or never felt the aliveness within your body, this meditation will connect you to that endless, alive power that never dies. Through the meditation, I guide you to aliveness within – to your inner being – to who you are. Contentedness to your aliveness separate you from illness, disease, fears, worries, thinking and helps you to awaken within you peace, joy, love, stillness…

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(b.) Opening & Balancing chakrasRead more / Buy

Dive into enormously powerful healing process with “Opening & Balancing chakras” meditation that lead you to healing from within and freeing you fully. This meditation is focused on your energy centers to clear the inner blockades that created the illnesses/diseases and finally connect you to who you truly are, so that the true essence can finally shine through you. Illnesses are here to awaken us so that the freedom, bliss and health can be experienced. And this meditation is all about awakening, healing and stepping into the bliss of Being.

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3. Practicing presence during the day


If you are sick, unhappy, stuck, scared or if you are experiencing any suffering in external life … then you are not present and you are suffering at the same time whether you are aware of that or not. To truly step into the power of now, learning and practicing of “how to step into the present moment” is necessary for you. “Why you need to learn?”, you might ask. If your emotions, thoughts and external life are “captain” of your life, then you have became the follower of the egoistic mind, which always seeks problems, challenges, loves to be in the dark, creates diseases / illnesses, suffering and always prefers to be in the future or past. Now, you – your being – needs to become a “captain” of your emotions, thoughts and stability of external world by practicing being present through out the day.

The only moment that truly exist is the moment now. If you are not in the moment now, healing, changes and awakening cannot happen. But when you step in this moment, you experience true healing and magic that happens only in the present moment.

All the exercises, practices that I use, insights and deeper explanations I am explaining and teaching you in this powerful video by clicking here. This is the tool that will enlighten your life, heal you body and your suffering during the day.

Step into the power of now – practice presence with Suzana by using this tool:

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4. Stepping into the now while challenged


When you are challenged by people, when you are in difficult situations or limited in any kind of way, then those challenges are there to awaken your inner wounds that create the suffering and diseases / illnesses. Whatever represents the challenge to you, that is opportunity for awakening and strong healing from within. Life is consciously choosing the right ways to put you into a corner – but not to make you suffer – instead to help you with healing from within. If you become reactive, angry, blaming the life, people, situations, then you are not freeing yourself, but you are feeding only your inner emotional wounds that becomes with years more strong and out of the control. But when you approach to those challenges with your presence in a conscious way, then the true liberation from within and without awakens. For presence to awaken and expand, practice is needed. Otherwise, you can stay in the weak energy that is always fearful, reactive and destructive. And that is not who you are. You are so strong that you can deal with any challenge in your life. But you need to approach to it with empowered, present, conscious and healing way.

This video is about learning / practicing how to approach to challenges when they appear in your life. By approaching it with your presence any inner wound can be healed and circumstances can then change.

When you step into the power of now while you are challenged you are stepping out of weak energy and you are stepping into the powerful energy that is strong, stable, secure, still, fearless, alive – you are stepping into your inner Being.

Step into the power of now while being challenged – practice presence in challenges with Suzana by using this tool:

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5. Visiting strong presence


What is more wonderful than regularly visiting strong presence – also called nature. Nature presents us one of the most powerful tools that you can benefit from to heal your health problems, calm your mind, learn and experience the presence that nature carries. But it is also important to learn how to approach to the nature in the empowered  and healing way. The powerful approach is the right approach where you can truly connect and awaken the deep healing from within with the help of nature.

If you are in hospital or in any kind of limited, difficult health state which disable you to go in the nature, then use this tool when your health state improves. In this case, I recommend you to practice first four tools on a regular basis and the improvement of health will give you, than opportunity to use also this powerful and amazing fifth tool.

Nature is beautiful, but is also powerful because it always lives in the NOW. You can learn to live that powerful state by visiting nature with the approach that I teach and guide you in this video.

If you thought that medicines and other people can give you healing, comfort or any kind of fulfillment, then prepare yourself to experience the deep, strong but at the same time so peaceful healing from nature. Nature is that comfort, true medicine, healing and gift to us. Nature is also our representative, teacher and example that help us to learn about the treasure that lies within us.

I prepared a video where I teach you how to approach to the nature in the right, empowered and healing way. Although this tool can seem easy, it can be challenged when we go into the nature with mental noise, emotionally drained, tired and sick. With the right exercise, nature will help you to step out of this noisiness and awaken you in a such a peaceful, gentle, loving way. Welcome.

Learn with Suzana how to visit strong presence by using this tool:

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