Start your life and health transformation with these 5 golden tools

to heal your illness / disease /  suffering in all areas


1. tool – Opening yourself to vulnerability

This article teaches and help you to:

  • connect to your emotions;
  • realize the importance of your emotions;
  • recognize the opposites of expressing your emotions. And recognize also in which emotional unbalance state are you;
  • teaches you how to approach to your emotional wounds in empowered and healing way;
  • introduce you to right approach to become master of your emotions;
  • approach to your emotions in a practical way. Tips helps to clarify how to clear out emotional wounds and transform your health and life;

By using approach on a regular basis you:

  • built and become a strong foundation for your inner emotional state;
  • become the master of your emotions;
  • emotional reactions dissolve and you learn to become the strong presence that can transcend and inner emotional challenge;
  • discover the power of your emotions. If you believe that showing the emotions is weakness, than you are believing your ego which wants to drag away your attention from your true liberation. This article helps you to approach to your emotions not in a weak way but in a extremely powerful and healing way;
  • tap into the sensitivity where true gifts from being sensitive. But at the same time very powerful treasures reveals to you;
  • tap into the motion because you became the master of your emotions;
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2.tool – Meditation

I. Guided meditation: “Awaken your inner healing power” (for beginner)

Begin to awaken your inner healing power with this powerful guided meditation which:

  • teaches you how to connect to healing power within;
  • connect you to healing power that lies within you;
  • it helps you to root you into your essence which is crucial for effective healing and transformation;
  • begins to heal your suffering, health problems and life;
  • separate you from any physical pains while you are meditating  – and at the same time heals it;
  • increase your presence and alertness during the day to catch your patterns;
  • helps you to become aware of your essence that lies beneath the layers of suffering;
  • separate you from mental noise and worries;
  • helps you to bring to the surface your suffering and heals it;
  • helps you to open you to higher energies;
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II. Guided meditation: “Opening and Balancing chakras” (advanced);

  • Note for beginners – You begin to use this meditation after 2-3 months of regular meditating on “Opening & Balancing chakras);

Begin with powerful transformation and healing with “Opening & Balancing chakra” meditation which:

  • connect you to the most powerful inner healing of your body and life;
  • nurture and increases the inner healing power within you;
  • the toxic speaker in your mind, called ego, begins to loose its power over your true self;
  • awakens and align you with the power of now;
  • clears what was never yours and reveals who you truly are;
  • heals your suffering, disease, illness and any imbalance;
  • flush away karmic and unconscious inner wounds;
  • connect you to your true, magical powers, gifts, treasures, strength and helps you to express it;
  • reveals your purpose;
  • evoke within you the strength to deal with any kind of difficult situation in empowered and healing way;
  • opens you to the higher, magical forces that reveals you magical powers within you;
  • powerfully root you in your essence and body;
  • introduce you to the real magic and opens you to experience that magic here in your life in all shapes and ways;
  • free you from worries, stress, suffering, mental noise and ego;
  • awakens within you the highest vibration that unlocks the door to balancing, healthy, abundant and joyful life;
  • awakens within you true love that fulfills you deeply from within and heals any grief, judgments, unbalance relationships etc;
  • align you with your deep intuitive side and increases hearing of it perfectly during the day. Once you listen your inner voice, you cannot lose the way to joyful and loving path;
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3.tool – Practicing presence during the day

This webinar includes exercises which:

  • teaches you how to connect to your powerful inner Being fully;
  • expand your consciousness and increase the presence within you;
  • root you to your essence;
  • helps you to become aware of your conditioned patterns, behaviors, thoughts, reactions etc that spin on the unconscious level;
  • connect you to your inner healing power and activates healing from within;
  • teaches you how to fully tune into the power of now and how to implement those exercise in a daily life;
  • introduce you to harmony of life and how to truly live in a present moment;
  • awakens you from stimulated mind, emotional or any kind of suffering;
  • teaches you the essence of those exercise and the importance of them;
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4.tool – Stepping into the now while challenged

This webinar teaches you exercises which:

  • teaches you how to deal with any kind of challenge in empowered and conscious way;
  • teaches you step by step conscious approach for your challenge;
  • heals your challenging situations;
  • dissolves a challenge;
  • it pulls you out of stuck situation;
  • align you with your inner power while you are in a challenge;
  • helps you to step out of emotional turbulence and stimulated thinking;

By practicing webinar exercises on a regular basis you will learn:

  • how to deal with any kind of challenge in any given moment;
  • being in your own inner power without experiencing any stress;
  • how to approach to the most challenging and / or aggressive people;
  • your own abilities and strengths lying within you;
  • being fully present;
  • to live stress free;
  • your own magnificence and power that can crumble any ego behavior;

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5. tool – Visiting strong presence

Begin with visiting nature with exercises described in this webinar. Those exercises:

  • are tools to transform your life and health with the help of nature;
  • fully connect you to the powerful moment NOW;
  • connect you to who you are with the help of nature;
  • helps to separate you from stimulated mind and to experience the power of present moment;
  • activates enormous healing and grounded energies;
  • clear and calm your mind;
  • calms your body and roots you into your Being;
  • activates necessary healing at that present moment. Use exercises as described in the webinar;
  • teaches you to connect with the nature and merge with it;
  • helps you to pull out the toughest energy blockades;

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