What to do when you find out that you are sick

What to do when you find out that you are sick? What is that step that puts you immediately in ...
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Awakening through the disease

Diseases are deep core shakers of awakening us from living our live on unconscious level ...
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to self-healing website of answers, tools, solutions…and so much more about “How to heal your health problems?” Many times I was told that I cannot heal my health problems…from doctors, friends, family, co-workers… Despite my health issues, difficult childhood and strong unhappiness within me, I deeply within knew that the change and healing can happen – I just did not know how and in what way. Then, through suffering, awakening happened and self-healing process began. Awakening was gradual but major process that lead myself and my sister to complete freedom from within and without. Our health problems began to heal by itself and unhappiness in general dissolved.

Richness of insights, awareness and past experiences can be now found on this website through videos, guidance, meditations and consultations. Welcome again.

With love, Suzana Trnovsek

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How to deal with loneliness

One of the forms of suffering is also loneliness. Loneliness can easily convince us that we are lonely because our needs of externalization are not met. That is how appears when we look the loneliness from the unconscious level. What really is happening is loneliness is calling us to dive within and learn to heal loneliness with our power of our presence. In this video you will find the answers and pointers how to deal with loneliness, how to approach it and where.....

How to let go of any fear

When you are able to let go of your fear, you become deeply free. But how do you let go of fear? What you need to do to truly free yourself? What you need to do at that exact moment when fear comes on the surface and dominate you, your body, thoughts and emotions? Find out in video where I guide you through the beginner face of healing and letting go of any fear.   “How to let go of any fear” video: .....

What to do when you find out that you are sick

What to do when you find out that you are sick? What is that step that puts you immediately in the powerful healing of your disease? Find out in video – where I also present you important pointers that will help you to realize where you might got stuck since you got sick and what you should do now. For healing is never late although you could be sick for ten or twenty years. So, using the right and first empowered and healing steps connects you to powerful i.....

Physical pains during inner healing process

When we are healing our health problems from within, we are always healing firstly energetic cause (energy blockade) which has in the first place created disease / illness. That also means that we might not see the results of healing in the beginning, but surely we experience healing on energetically level. Our body can respond to healing in a shape of physical pains which can be challenging until you become aware that you are in a powerful healing of your health .....

Open yourself to vulnerability

Vulnerability is often interpreted as weakness. From the ego perspective vulnerability is weak, powerless energy that you need to escape or hide from. So the ego seeks the other approaches to escape from the vulnerability. Below you can find my and my sisters‘ example in what way ego can hide vulnerability: I always wanted people to see me as strong, so I acted as being confident, sec.....

How to heal traumatic past experiences

When past trauma is not healed, it becomes our way of living in the present momen – through emotional suffering, thoughts of the past, thoughts of negative thinking about the situation and people that resonates with past traumatic suffering. It also reflects through external challenges with people, situations and other circumstances. Not only that living past trauma within us is reflected within and without, it affects our health state and enormous burden fr.....

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